Suzanna Choffel

What age were you when you starting singing and playing guitar? Writing songs? What other bands have you been in? Thanks for your dedication to music and performing. We love your vocals and music

Suzanna Choffel responded on 01/11/2011

i've been singing since i was a small child-kind of knew i was a "musician" since i was very young-always felt the calling. i was always in choir at school and church and auditioned for all kinds of things plus did talent shows, etc. i was kind of a ham! i didn't start guitar until the age of 17, but you couldn't pull it out of my hands! i loved it. i also took piano from age 8-11 and really enjoyed it. wished i'd have stuck with it, but glad it gave me a nice basic understanding and technique, plus music reading skills. any way, probably more than you wanted to hear. i LOVE performing and writing and am so glad you are into what i do!

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