Suzanna Choffel

I went and saw Suzanna in concert at Wyldwood.
Amazed! Then I bought her CD and found the mix to be disappointing. Wish there was some way to tell her. Two of my friends came to the same conclusi

Suzanna Choffel responded on 07/27/2010

i'm sorry you feel that way. i recorded that in 2006 which feels like a lifetime ago now. not sure what good it would do to tell me though as i can't do much about it now...except record a new one which i'm doing now! hee hee. well, i hope you at least enjoy the songs and i think you'll find the new cd, out this fall, to surpass that one by leaps & bounds. but honestly, they're just completely different sounds from 2 completely different phases in my life. take care & thanks for listening!

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