Suzanna Choffel

Re: Golden fires remix. I just got it and I love that you experiment and stretch, thats one of the many things that make your work so compelling. Your range is already so vast with just the 2 records, every track is a unique and complete universe that is fully inhabited. And in that richness, every layer supports and focuses some truth, some authenticity that we can recognize without cliche, without leaning on lyrical or musical shortcuts. You must be inspired to make that magic—find that where you will— you are beyond the first breath now. I have no right to offer anything, other than to selfishly implore you to be true to your self.

Suzanna Choffel responded on 01/14/2016

Thank you for your kind words. Sorry I'm just responding to this. I love music & love how it keeps inspiring me to grow & try new sounds out.

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